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Chacara Bags from 
the Ngobe-Bugle of Panama

Chacara bags are woven from the fiber of the wild pineapple plant (Aechmea magdalenae) or other natural fibers.  The Ngobe-Bugle use these bags for transporting everything from babies to market goods on the mountainous trails of their tribal homeland in western Panama. 

For more information about the Ngobe-Bugle (Guaymi) people of Panama see the book:
by Burton L. Gordon

For a magazine article about Chacara Bags by Pam de Luco
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Large Bags 
10" wide and over
Chacara bags stretch beyond the dimensions given in the descriptions.
Amount of stretch depends on the tightness of the stitching.
Chacara Bag
Ngobe-Bugle Chacara Bag CH43
approx. 10" by 11"
$50 (sold)
Ngobe-Bugle Chacara Bag CH31
approx. 13" by 11"
$50 (sold)
Chacara Bag
Ngobe-Bugle Chacara Bag CH41
approx 10" by 11"
$45 (sold)
Diagonal strap
Chacara Bag
Ngobe-Bugle Chacara Bag CH35
approx. 11" by 12"
$45 (sold)
Chacara Bag
Ngobe-Bugle Chacara Bag CH36
approx. 11" by 13"
$40 (sold)
Drawstring top and diagonal strap.
Ngobe-Bugle Chacara Bag CH44
approx. 10" by 11"
$55 (sold)
Click here for smaller chacara bags . . .
For purchase information please email info@panart.com
Price reduction for orders of three or more items